In order to create many modern watches, watch companies will focus primarily on their design and aesthetic, not putting much thought into the lasting environmental implications of the watch and instead only concerned with their end result. In this way, they often contribute to the statistic of 60 percent of leather products made being harmful for the environment. Objest Watch has chosen to step in to bring to the market stylish watches with leather straps that are entirely vegan to help minimize the negative impact on waterways, forests, animals and the overall environment. 

Objest watch

Their unique apple peel skin leather sets them apart right away, as they use this material to create a PU leather that leaves behind a lessened chemical trail. Not only is the watch strap as simple and refined as can be, the design style of it is as well. It features a minimalist watch face that stays true to the idea of simplicity and sophistication, needing none of the extra frills to make the watch into what it is. 

Objest wristshot

The Objest Watch features a premium 316L stainless steel case that hosts within it a one-of-a-kind concave dial. Double-domed sapphire glass protects the dial from nicks and scratches to ensure it looks its best all of the time. A 5ATM water resistance helps protect it against environmental damage as well. 

At the time of writing, the brand has hit $11,001 pledged out of its $27,554 goal with 22 days remaining in their Kickstarter campaign.

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