Having a number of watches in my collection, my Rolex submariner was always my all-time favorite , until I was introduced to the Panerai brand 2 years ago, it was not love at first sight.  But while looking for a watch recently for one of my sons we looked at Panerai , and my love for this brand suddenly happened.  What I like about Panerai, is it totally differentiates itself from the standard looking watches out there,  it has an individual style /old world appearance that is unique, and I don’t think anything replicates it on the market.

It differentiates itself from other brands by its classic design /shape and timeless appearance which I find is very appealing, its beautifully made and has that feel good factor when worn. It can worn casually or for a serious business meeting, it has a personality and style that adapts to any occasion. Been an avid photographer I also find it very photogenic.

I choose the Panerai  PAM 423 as it is 47 mm, and has the sapphire glass. The fact that it is manual adds to the appeal of what time and horology is all about. A wind every 3 days is actually a pleasure, and part of the experience of owning a special piece like this. 

I suppose the simplicity of the face is what makes it so appealing.  

A true classic beauty.  

Story & Photo Credit PROSUN

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