You probably remember your first watch, what was it and how did your passion start?
As per usual with me, I think I break the mould with this answer because luxury watches were a far cry from my humble upbringing… My passion started with an inexpensive ‘Snoopy’ watch my dad bought as a gift for me when he returned from a business trip to Japan. To this day it remains the most precious gift I received because of what it ‘did’ not what it was. This became ‘our thing’ that we had together, strengthening the father/son bond that still remains as a treasured relationship today almost 30 years later.

What sparked your passion for watches?
I think that men inherently have an affinity for things that tick. We love moving parts and studying things, pulling them apart and putting them back together.. .sometimes. My second watch was (what I considered) expensive at the time. It was a Guess Waterpro that I kept in perfect condition and ended up giving to my son I would pull most things apart as a kid but when it came to watches, I stopped at the movement. It was like there was a respect for the workmanship and I didn’t have it in me to break it. From then on, I always wore a watch and judged my level of success by the type of watch I could afford.

How did you get into launching your company and how did you get started?
I have been in several other businesses for around 15 years but felt like something was missing. Overall, the businesses were successful but I wanted something that was more true to myself. I reflected on my passions and it was obvious that I should blend my passion for watches whilst replicating what I had built with my father 30 years prior. I also thought about my growth from a financial perspective. I could not have bought the pieces I had 10 years prior and there were a lot of people in my position. So why not create a ‘fair price’ range? Why can’t we sell an item that you can keep for generations that are under US$500?

During that time, I had also been spending a lot of time with homeless people to gauge where the issue originates. I couldn’t believe that all the first world countries had this issue and were curious to find out why. In the end, it all came down to education, so I made a vow to build this brand and use a part of the proceeds to partner with charities that are focused on ending the cycle and providing the right education.

What’s the inspiration behind the design of your Watches?
The Paradigm ONE range uses a dual ring case design. The dual rings represent the bond between two people I.e. father/son or mother/daughter as they are two separate components that join as one – Paradigm ONE. Our aesthetic was intended to be classic, with a modern flair. We stay true to fundamental design principles whilst adding touches of flair like Swarovski Crystals and Mother of Pearl dial on the women’s edition, or the combination of black with rose gold on the men’s black edition.

Where is your company located and where do you assemble the watches?
We are based in Perth, Western Australia and are proud to be a small locally operated company. Our manufacturers are headquartered in Switzerland with a satellite office in Hong Kong. This range is assembled in Hong Kong as the price point didn’t allow for any different. This is our debut on the scene and we do not intend on keeping with that structure for the next range. In a perfect world we would create the first watch range that is assembled in Australia with the same quality you would expect from a Swiss Made watch, and if not, the next range will be Swiss Made.

Where can we buy your watches and what is the price range?
We have launched on Kickstarter and early bird pricing starts at approx US$199 for the children’s range, US$259 for the women’s range and US$299 for the men’s… These prices are limited and won’t last long.

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