Inspired by the PC-7 aerobatic formation of the Swiss Air Force, the PC-7 TEAM Aeromaster Edition by Fortis takes inspiration from its motto, “Dynamics. Precision. Elegance,” and captures the message inside of a stunning timepiece that showcases all three of these points. This timepiece comes to the market 15 years after Fortis’ selection as a partner for the entity, giving it the perfect advantage for being able to create the 30th Anniversary sleeve for their watch featuring ultra-precise chronometers with rich, deep blue dials with stunning indexes and numerals applied. Available in either a three-handed version or as a chronograph, the watch is limited to 300 pieces, making them as rare as they are beautiful.

The PC-7 TEAM Aeromaster Edition by Fortis was created for men of a specific taste and style, those who are confident in what they wear and who they are and showcase that through simple accessorizing that speaks to their sophistication personalities without having to say a word. This is because the Swiss flagship PC-7 TEAM is made up of nine notable pilots and three other well-respected members who all are part of the team. Some of the most complicated and diverse formations and maneuvers, sometimes as close as only three meters apart, were conducted by this amazing team, showcasing their dedication, intelligence, and commitment—which has been exemplified in these watches.

The result is a gorgeous watch that has taken direct input from the members of these teams. The most important features to those giving input came in the form of precision and speed, while the royal blue dial that has stunning applied numerals and indexes takes into their love of elegance in motion while still being a powerful tool that gets the job done. Watch experts were also consulted during the creation of these timepieces to make sure they still functioned as well as they looked.

Not only is this timepiece regal and elegant on the outside, but it is what is on the inside that counts as well, and the PC-7 TEAM Aeromaster Edition by Fortis’ interior does not disappoint. The case is fashioned out of brushed stainless steel that can withstand g-forces that come with aerobatics. The brushing stops the sun from reflecting off of the crystal, making it simple to read at a glance. It can dive into the depths as far as 200 meters, making the strength and durability of this timepiece one that can be depended on. On the back, a gorgeous plane formation decorates the case to speak to its roots.

The PC-7 TEAM Aeromaster Edition by Fortis also leaves you with the choice of how you want to wear it by coming either as a three-handed design or in a chronograph style. The timepiece can be yours for approximately $4,490 and the watch comes in special packaging with PC-7 TEAM Patch and with a second royal blue Cordura® strap and strap changing tools and is found on their website and if you are located in the US you can order it with the authorized Fortis dealer Watchbuys.

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