Do you remember your first watch, and how did your passion for watches start?

Gold Orex watchI remember it like it was now. My first watch was my father’s watch that I manage to de-assemble at the age of 10. I had to de-assemble it because I was wearing it even if it was not working and whoever asked me what’s the time I couldn’t answer them because it was not functional. It was a gold Orex watch, the first wristwatch ever produced in Romania.

You are a trained watchmaker, how did you get into the watch business?

Well, I am not quite properly trained in schools, but I made a sort of traineeships in the watchmaking industry at some famous Swisswatch brands where I had learn also how to assemble watches as well as the logistical part of a timepiece manufacturing company.

Peren is a watch company from Transilvania, this in it selves gives your watches in mystical twist. What inspires your designs and what is the concept?

All the watches produced by Peren are inspired by Transylvanian elements and by its perennial mystical aura. The concept is quite simple and straightforward. We intend to build Swiss Made affordable wristwatches inspired by Transylvanian elements in order to respect and promote the perennial status of distinctive simplicity lifted at the rank of art.

Peron Pushers Crown SOD

What movements are you using?

All our perennial products are empowered by Swiss Quartz chronograph movements such as Ronda and ISA and in the nearest future we intend to make more models with Swiss made Mechanical and Automatic movements.

Where can we buy Peren watches and what is the price range?

For the moment the Peren watches can be acquired through our website at prices between 190CHF and 200CHF and at kickstarter for our new model SOD(Son of the Dragon).

Pictures from the new Peron Black Son of the Dragon

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