Fine quality vintage timepieces can run forever and are always in fashion. If you have a watch that was passed down from a relative or managed to score a vintage watch from an estate sale, you’ll want to show it off. Unfortunately, the straps on vintage watches often wear out before their cases and time-keeping mechanisms, which can detract from the appearance of a vintage watch and even put you at risk for losing it. There is an easy solution to this problem though–a Perlon Strap from WatchBandit will restore the look of your watch and ensure a secure fit.

Perlon straps are perfectly designed to complement all types of vintage watches. Available in 18, 20 and 22 millimeter widths, the straps can work well with standard and over sized vintage watch cases alike. The straps come in a multitude of colors, allowing you to choose something classic to restore the vintage timepiece to look as close to its original design as possible or to select a bold new color to give your watch a modern update. The straps are easy to use as replacements and can be installed securely in just a few minutes, sparing you a trip to the jeweler.

In terms of quality, WatchBandit Perlon watch straps are truly second to none. The straps are made from the finest available synthetic nylon and plaited into a tight weave that is highly resistant to wear and tear. Light in weight and universally sized at 270 millimeters in length, Perlon watch straps are the simple, stylish way to complete any vintage timepiece.

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