Striving to continue to bring their loyal companies watches they can be proud to own, UNDONE is bringing forth their new line of UNDONE Urban Tropical Collection watches. These timepieces are designed specifically for those who like adding novelty pieces to their collection and want something unique to add to it. Tropical dials are exceedingly rare and coveted by the watch-loving community, making each piece in the UNDONE Urban Tropical Collection a must-have for all collectors.

The UNDONE Urban Tropical Collection features tropical dials with attributes that were first obtained by accident in a Rolex plant in the 1950s. The plant accidentally allowed their dials to become exposed to the tropical sun and environment in the area and it caused them to undergo oxidation, which gave them their unique experience. Because of this, these dials are quite rare and unique and offer a dial that you won’t find anywhere else. Each of the dials in the UNDONE Urban Tropical Collection is aged using a formula that only UNDONE uses to achieve the look.

There are three watches in the UNDONE Urban Tropical Collection: the Tropical Amazon, Tropical Caribbean and Tropical Sahara. On the exterior, you can choose a standard stepped bezel or a tachymeter bezel that will help you gauge the speed in which you are traveling. Inside, there is a Seiko mechanical quartz movement that adds a retro feel to the watch. The UNDONE Urban Tropical Collection has dropped now, learn more about it on the UNDONE website.