PWR Collective was built around the dedication and resolve it takes for any person to reach their dreams—to go the distance to achieve success. The boldness and strength that it takes to do such a thing is showcased in this heavy-duty timepiece, serving as a symbol of the journey and as a bit of motivation for its wearer to keep striving for the best. With its luxurious appearance and high-quality composition, the PWR Collective watch will be with you from the first step of your journey to the last.

PWR Collective watch black

The watch begins with a heavy-duty 316L stainless steel case that houses all of the components inside of it securely. The case is designed to be as strong and as prominent as the dream you are working toward. Covering all of the steel parts is a coating of PVD material to further durability. The case is large in size, measuring 11.5 millimeters in thickness by 42 millimeters in diameter, making it easy to see for the wearer and for everyone else. The dial is protected by a hardwearing piece of sapphire crystal glass that protects the watch against nicks and scratches. An anti-reflective coating allows you to easily see the time even in bright settings and also at night, thanks to the luminescent hands and indices that make it easy see in dark surroundings.

PWR Collective watch rose gold

Get in on the action by heading over to the PWR Collective Kickstarter page. There, you can pledge and get one of these stunning timepieces.

PWR Collective watch lume shot