With a design that dates far back to the Soviet era, the Raketa Big Zero timepiece is one that many around the world can clearly and easily recognize. This famous watch style first rose to popularity by Mikhail Gorbachev, the Secretary-General of the Communist Party of the USSR, who, during an international political summit on Italian soil, was asked to explain the name of his new social and economic reforms. To explain, he simply held up his Raketa Big Zero timepiece and told them that, just like on his watch, the people of Russia wanted to start everything from zero. From there, the legend came to life, and the fame of the timepiece arose.

Raketa Big Zero white dial

The Raketa Classic Big Zero 0220 is a take on that famous timepiece. The bold black and white modern minimalist appeal and large numbers of the timepiece put emphasis on the highly visible zero, offering the watch a timeless quality that instantly became a Raketa classic. Where most watches start counting from 12, the Raketa Classic Big Zero 0220 takes a more modern approach in the way that it is designed with that large zero at the top. Because everything else in life seems to start from zero and build from there, this watch reflects that, and it is one that speaks to many people around the world who would be interested in purchasing the watch. So, while the idea of the Big Zero might seem obvious to most people, it has indeed sparked controversy before, as it has long been established on an international level that the dial of a watch or clock should always start with 12. This innovative concept sets the watch apart from others straight away, and that’s before you even get a look at the rest of its features.

Raketa Big Zero black dial

The Raketa Classic Big Zero 0220 features a heavy-duty case crafted out of high-quality stainless steel with a sapphire mineral glass on the front that protects the dial from being scratched or damaged. The dial measures an overall size of 38.8 millimeters, making it large enough to be easily read by you and easily seen by people passing by, but small enough as to not feel clunky on the wrist while still boasting a nice presence. During the night, the watch glows to allow you to easily read the time, thanks to the Superluminova coating both on the hands and the dial itself. The watch features a water resistance rating of 10 ATM to ensure its longevity even if it accidentally gets wet. Fastening the Raketa Classic Big Zero 0220 to the wrist is your choice of either a durable stainless steel bracelet or a handsome genuine leather strap.

Raketa Big Zero

You can get your very own Raketa Classic Big Zero 0220 timepiece at WatchBandit.com. The watch costs between 750 to 950 EUR depending on the exact style you desire. Worldwide shipping is also available to anywhere on the globe totally free of charge for your convenience.

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