Rico Adams Please introduce yourself and describe your brand?  

My name is Rico Adams, United States Army Veteran & Avionics professional. I served in the Army as well as contracting in the Middle East. I spent much of my adult life working on aircrafts around the world.

What is in your personal collection and how did your passion for watches start?

I own a Rolex Turn O graph (Rose gold, steel) and a Breitling Avenger. I have sold the rest of my collection after starting my brand. I am a longtime Panerai lover and I think I will be buying one soon.

How did you get the idea to start your own watch brand?

I started collecting watches during my first duty station in 1999. I purchased a Tag Huer from the Post Exchange in Korea for $1100 after getting my bonus. I thought I was on top of the world. This started me on the path of owning a 34 pieces watch collection. I soon collected and sold many watches over the years. 

I knew I wanted to start a company named after the Rhyno Outfit to represent the outfit that my squad started in Fort Hood, Texas. The only thing I have ever obsessed about is watches, so I knew that it was the business I had to pursue. I remember asking myself, “Why can’t I create what companies like U-Boat and Tag Huer created?” With my obsession for quality and detail I know I can do this. I made the connections by doing research, some nights staying up 24hrs. I found the venue that would accept a beginner and built the brand one quality piece at a time. 

What’s the inspiration for the watch? 

Aviation and Military are the inspiration for the brand. The inspiration for the Rubicon model is the Attitude Indicator in aircraft. Other companies have done this theme focused on vintage Horizon instruments but I believed we could take it further by curving the dial and sticking to the instruments modern feel. When holding this watch, you feel it belongs in any modern aircraft.

What movement are you using? 

We launched using Miyota 9015 made by Citizen. I am a true fan of automatic movements and that is all the Rhyno Outfit will create. As we begin retail, we will use Swiss Sellita (as used in JeanRichard Timepieces) & ETA movements. It was important for me to introduce the product in a low cost automatic first, so that those who have never bought a timepiece with an automatic movement before can experience a higher level of watch making. This higher level includes premium wooden boxes and more. I aim to raise the bar with what we create and the Swiss automatic movements are arguably the top of the line. 

Where are the watches designed and assembled? 

The watches are designed in San Antonio, Tx by US military Veterans at this time and as retail begins, all watches will be assembled in San Antonio.

Where can we buy your watches and what is the price range?

The watches can be purchased or pre ordered at our pre launch website www.RhynoOutfit.info and the price range is $800- $1850 full retail for 2015. 

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