“I wanted to buy my girlfriend a watch. I knew she had her eyes on a Explorer 1 – 36 mm, for a long time, however there was one problem; one of her best friends had the exact same watch. Nevertheless, I decided to buy her that watch for her 30th birthday! As she still was 28 years old, I could spend a good year to save up cash and to find the perfect model. However, my eager to get her a watch increased every day, and it was still a good one and a half year from her going into her thirties. Then I came up with a brilliant idea: The 5th of april this year we had been together for 1000 days. What could be a better excuse for getting her a nice present than a “thousand day anniversary”? Original and a bit romantic I thought to myself. I looked everywhere for the 36mm Explorer. But I could not find it. While searching through every horology website in Norway I then discovered the Datejust 36 mm steel, with a domed bezel and Oyster bracelet. It was from 2001 and in almost mint condition. I was sold. And so was the watch a few minutes later. Needless to say, she was a very happy camper that 1000th day…”

Photo and Story Credit: Oslokiropraktoren

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