Well my WristTale about my Rolex GMT-Master II Ceramic. I am just in the mid 20’s and I already bought my first Rolex. Why you might ask, maybe because it is a status symbol? The answer is no. 

It is sad that many people have that opinion about Rolex watches. They think it’s mostly gold and full of diamonds, without taste, only expensive, only status!

Rolex GMT-Master II Ceramic bezel

Since I am interested in mechanical watches, the Air-King of my grandfather fascinated me. Therefore it didn’t get my attention, and this was exactly what he wanted: A mid-sized watch made with swiss-perfection which have to be discreet.
Now I wanted to follow in his footsteps and I searched for a model which is perfect for my needs and type. I also like classy watches, but those aren’t made for everyday use and the Air-King is too small for my wrist. What I needed was a sporty and classy wristwatch, which at the same time is from a renowned and innovative brand. The answer was ROLEX

The more I learned about the spectacular history of Rolex, and when I compared it with other manufactures, the more I learned to love it: The first water-resistant watch, the first anti-magnetic-, the first explorer-, the first deep-sea water-resistant wristwatch, and so on…

One day my best friend came by with a new wristwatch: a Rolex GMT Master II with ceramic-bezel and It was love at first sight! From this day on, I wanted this watch. So I ended my academic studies, I founded my own entrepreneurship and one of the first things I did was to buy my dream watch: The Rolex GMT Master II with ceramic black bezel, just perfektion!

In memories of my Grandfather, he would have loved the watch as much as I do.

Photo & Story Credit GMTfanatic

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