The Rolex Sea-Dweller is for me special as it is the only reference with the date without the cyclopse. It keeps the sapphire clean and still the advantage to have the date. This piece is a 2008 series, one of the latest produced and I got it in feb 2013 like new full set. I like the 5 digits references with these thin lugs like the vintage ones. For me the Rolex Sea-Dwellers are more exclusive, as when you have a Sea Dweller you know the owner wanted to pick a specific time piece from all submariners. The helium valve escape, the thicker caseback that sits well on my wrist, the upper sapphire, all that make it more special and historical to me. A real toolwatch and the queen of the divers watches!  

This picture within a Ferrari 458 is for me the alliance between two masterpieces and all about research for performance. 

WRISTPORN by matthieu_84

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