Today, there are thousands of small, medium and large-sized companies out there producing watches. Some are more famous than others but there is one that you can count on everyone recognizing, even if they are not avid collectors–Rolex. Since 1905, Rolex has been a watch brand synonymous with luxury.

Here are some facts about the company that you may or may not know:

1. Rolex Wasn’t Founded in Switzerland.

Today, Rolex produces Swiss-made watches and is the company that has really solidified Switzerland as the center for luxury watch manufacturing; however, the company didn’t start there. Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis founded their timepiece brand in 1905 in London and did not move their headquarters to its current location in Geneva until 1919.

2. Rolex is the Largest Luxury Watch Brand.

Rolex isn’t just the most famous brand of luxury watches; it’s also the biggest in terms of volume. Their factories produce 2000 watches every day, and each year, the company brings in more than $4 billion in sales. More than 2800 people work for Rolex worldwide, and the company is listed on Forbes Magazine’s index of most powerful brands.

3. Rolex Had a Number of Firsts.

Rolex has driven the watchmaking industry, making many breakthroughs in design over the years. Their Oyster watch was the first-ever waterproof timepiece when it debuted in 1926, and the Datejust released in 1945 was the first to ever have an automatically advancing date indicator. In 1954, the brand made another breakthrough with their GMT watch, the first timepiece ever that could display the time of two different time zones.

Rolex isn’t done innovating. It’s exciting to think what this luxury watch brand might introduce to the market next. We’ll keep a close eye on what’s coming out of their workshops and keep you abreast of their latest breakthroughs.

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