Schaffen, which means “to create,” is the word at the center of Schaffen Watches. They believe in creating watches that are accessible by anyone at all, no matter if you are a common citizen or of high station in your country. They began in the year 2015 as a company that only intended to create watches for their immediate family, but as their creative ideas have grown, so too, has their company. Today, Schaffen Watches creates watches that embody their original dreams but cater to a much larger audience.

Schaffen Watches offer simplistic, contemporary designs built around elements of traditional watchmaking. You can choose your own watch dial color from matte silver, taupe gray or royal blue. You are even able to choose the color of the hands with options of polished steel or blue. Schaffen Watches cases are composed entirely out of stainless steel to ensure they will be able to healthily last the years to come. Sapphire crystal glass helps to protect the dials of the Schaffen Watches from any scratches or nicks while also giving them a sleek finish. These watches feature a water resistance up to 50 meters and run reliably on the Swiss Made SW200-1 movement inside.

On January 8th, Schaffen Watches intends to launch their crowdsourcing campaign to get their watches made on a mass scale. This crowdfunding campaign will be launched on the site, Kickstarter. You can secure yourself a Schaffen Watch at a great early bird price by backing their project once it has gone live.