Inspired by the spacecrafts of Star Wars, SD-09 watches work on the idea that there is no way to cut corners when it comes to using the right materials and construction for spacecrafts, and that principle should be applied in watchmaking as well. They draw inspiration from sci-fi and futuristic mechanics, making them stand out from other watches that simply re-work classic designs. Wanting to design a watch that could outlast even the most pressing of wear and tear issues, the SD-09 Spacecraft Timepiece was born.

With clear inspiration from science fiction, SD-09 timepieces strive to showcase a quantum revolution that embodies space-time versatility and brings it down from the stars and onto the wrist. The SD-09 Spacecraft Timepiece uses a reliable and accurate Miyota 8218 mechanical movement that is housed inside of a 26-millimeter case. Shock absorbent, the SD-09 features 21 jewels inside that help to reduce friction and general wear on the moving parts. There is both an automatic movement along with a hand winding power reserve that can last up to 40 hours without needing another wind. Made in Japan, the SD-09 Spacecraft Timepiece is finished off with a strikingly handsome leather strap.

Currently, SD-09 is using the crowdfunding campaign site Kickstarter in order to fund their space-themed watches. As of the time of writing, SD-09 has reached $40,681 of their $50,171 goal with 16 days left to go. A minimum pledge of $232 USD will get you an early bird special on one of their fine timepieces.