The slow watch has only one hand and draws inspiration from sundials. With a 24-hour face, the hour hand on the slow watch appears to move at half the speed of a 12 hour watch. The Swiss-made watch comes in 15 unisex styles, is 100m water resistant, crafted in stainless steel and has a Ronda 505.24 Swiss Made GMT movement. Although the watches are not outwardly branded, there is a discreet logo, hidden underneath the case of the watch, that simply says ‘slow’.

Corvin and Chris C&C: Slow is all about appreciating time again. In our hectic world it feels like time became an enemy putting stress on most of us. But of course that’s not the times fault 😉 -the problem is s simply how we perceive it. The slow watch reminds us that time is actually the most precious and rare thing we have in life.

WP: How did your passion for watches start?

C&C: To be honest we where both not really inspired by most of the brands you could find in the market. We felt there was a lack of a true and relevant story. We felt, most brands where simply not created for our generation. That’s why we started slow as we believe the slow story is important to many people out there.

WP: How did you get the idea to start your own watch brand and why the slow watch, what is the story behind it? 

C&C: We looked at ourselves – at our lives and our desires. We realised that we did not really live our lives like we planned to. Both of us were working in good jobs but it felt like being in a hamster wheel. The slow watch was created for us – to remind us to focus on the important things in life rather than chasing the minutes. 

For us it was important to translate the idea of slow to the product in a super consistent way. The 24 hours one-hand concept reflects this idea perfectly. It gives an overview of the entire day and allows the hand to travel at the natural rhythm of time, and not artificially divide the day into 2 halves. Of course the one hand actually moves slower than on a normal 12 hour watch and it does not give you an over-precise indication of time, which would only cause stress – nobody really needs to know if it’s 11:23 or 11:24.

Slow MoWP: What’s the design inspiration for the watch?

C&C: Following the slow mind-set we aimed to focus everything on the absolute essentials. That’s why there is no logo on the dial, no other distraction just one hand; which is perfectly sufficient to indicate the time precisely enough.

We extended that to the case design, which is very simple on the outside (however it is pretty complex to produce though) and perfectly symmetric on all axis. We achieved this by creating the unique octagon shape and by fully integrating the case back. This was important for us as it does not only look awesome, but also reassembles the idea of perfect balance in life.

WP: Where are the watches designed and assembled?

C&C: The watches are designed in Neuchatel/Switzerland und manufactured near Lugano / Switzerland.

WP: Where can we buy your watches and what is the price range?

C&C: We are mainly selling through our own webshop and the watches are priced between 230 and 280€.

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