Born out of a need for the creators to make a bold statement, STAGE Watches are totally unique watches that can be customized. They are to be enjoyed by those who have a daring and adventurous personality and wish to show that to the world through their use of accessories. The timepieces are large and noticeable with their unique attention to detail. Every year, only a limited number of two or three projects are worked upon at a time; the result is limited edition lines of wristwatches that will ensure that your STAGE Watch is ultimately one of a kind and will garner comment wherever you go.

STAGE Watches are truly customizable and come with a selection of interchangeable features. Perhaps the most notable of the features on these watches is the octagon-shaped layered dials. These intricate dials feature a rotating disc in the center to serve as its second and minute hands. There is an interchangeable bezel to customize the look, as well as a quick release strap that makes changing to another style a breeze.

You can obtain one of these bold and adventurous STAGE Watches on Kickstarter right now. These timepieces are available at an affordable price in order to ensure that anyone who wants to own their own truly unique wristwatch will be able to. Shipping is free as well to anywhere in the world in order to live up to the same promise. Take a look at their large collection of limited edition pieces on Kickstarter now.