How to Submit?

Thanks for your interest in sharing your WRISTPORN™ with us and the WRISTPORN™ community.
It is really easy to submit, you can either send us a mail at or use the form below. Please do not submit any pictures of fakes!

What information do we need?

  • We need your picture. As you might know, we only feature WristShots.
  • We need your name and Instagram @username, so we can give you the credit you deserve.
  • We need information about your WRISTPORN™, name and model.

Your WRISTPORN™* will then most likely be posted and featured on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr Twitter, and last but not least here on


If you are interested in a special feature you can also submit a WristTale.

Most of us have a watch that has a special meaning to us, it could be a watch we inherited from our dad, or a present from a loved one, or maybe the first watch, that started our passion for horology. All watches have a story, we and the WRISTPORN™ community would love to hear yours. So don’t hesitate, submit your WristTale today!



*We only feature non commercial wristshots. If you are representing a company, then please contact us before submitting.