Please introduce yourself
My name is Nick and I am 33 years old. I was born in Greece then moved to Australia when I was young. After working in bars, clubs and restaurants most of my life I currently own a bar in Sydney and buy, sell and collect watches as a hobby. Aside from watches I love travelling, going overseas at least twice a year. My favourite destination is the US, followed by Greece. After becoming obsessed with watches I didnt have anyone to talk to about them so I got on Instagram to find like minded people. I found that I could not get involved on the online forums and that content on there was stale and repetitive. Discovering the #watchfam has been great and ive made a lot of friends out of it both locally and abroad.

Is there a story behind your Instagram name?
I actually started out as @Sydney_Watch_Club as I wanted to start a local group to talk watches. After I discovered that there already was a good watch community in Sydney I changed it to @Sydney_Watch_Guy. I wanted to include ‘watch’ in the name to make it focused, and also include Sydney to make me identifiable so that I could connect more easily with other local watch nerds.

When and how did your passion for watches start?
It started around 4 years ago as I was thinking about my upcoming 30th birthday. Prior to that I always had a faint interest in watches but wore my Omega Constellation for 9 years straight after receiving it for my 21st birthday. I started looking online for a nice mechanical watch. The first night I looked for about 3 hours. The next night another 3 hours. About a fortnight later I was hooked and 4 years on im still looking at watches, or posting on Instagram or chatting on Facebook watch groups. Its become a big part of my life.

Which watches are in your current collection?
Ive had to sadly let go of a few great pieces to fund my next business venture so im now down to a few core pieces:

  • the Omega Constellation I was gifted for my 21st
  • the Omega Planet Ocean which was the watch I finally chose for my 30th birthday and the watch responsible for my obsession.
  • a Zenith de Luca and Tudor big block chrono. These are great watches. They are very beautiful chronographs and are also great investments. I love it when you have a great piece that will probably increase in value over time so its a win/win situation with these pieces.
  • an Astor and Banks AB1405. I love the design of this watch. They are hand assembled in a small operation in Chicago which ive had the pleasure of visiting. I only have room for one micro brand in my collection and this one is it.
  • I am also awaiting an incoming – an 80s full set Speedy with the most awesome ghost bezel ever seen on a Speedmaster. Im hanging to get this one in.

The rest of the watches you see on my account do not count as part of my core collection. My favourite is an easy one – its the Omega Planet Ocean. It was the watch I decided on after months of deliberating and I love everything about it. It looks great and its as tough as nails. I can wear it working in the bar, to the beach, or a nightclub so for me thats pretty much everywhere. Its the perfect all round watch and it also looks great on my rugged hairy Greek wrists.

What are the most important factors when you buy a watch?
The main factor for me is looks – I wouldnt buy a watch that I didnt like the look of it, it has to be visually appealing to me and other factors are secondary.

As I alluded to before, investment is also a big factor for me. I am a notorious flipper so when that time comes to move on you would like for the piece to have appreciated. Its not about making money, its more investing in the hobby as each extra bit you make off a watch helps towards the next one and edges you closer to that grail

What are your grail watches and what’s so desirable about them?
I have two grails, a realistic grail and a dream grail.

The realistic one is a vintage Rolex 1665 Sea Dweller which I have already achieved. I just love this watch. There are not many of them floating around so it has an individuality about it. You tend to see more double reds than great whites once you start getting serious about the hobby. Its a great looking watch with wrist presence, and tends to develop a very beautiful creamy patina which is further highlighted by thick plots on the maxi dial. Then theres also the T39 superdome – ive never met anyone who doesnt love the big superdomes on vintage sea dwellers. Its a classic looking Rolex that looks great, has history and strong diving pedigree.

My dream grail is the MB&F Legacy Machine perpetual calendar. For me its possibly the most beautiful watch ever made, it just doesnt get much better.

In your eyes, what makes the perfect watch picture and do you have some tricks?
For me the perfect watch picture is clear, sharp and highlights the watch. I have changed my style recently to focus more on the watches and highlighting the details as much as can be done with an iPhone 6, which has to be commended on its exceptional camera. Natural light is the best, preferably in overcast conditions or in an area that is bright without direct sunlight. From there take your pic with the watch in focus, add a little sharpening (HDR) filter, hashtag #wristporn and you’re done!

Thanks guys!

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