WRISTPORN: Could you introduce yourselves?

I’m Elshan and I’ve been a collector of all kinds of watches for close to 10 years now. I’ve always loved mechanical marvels and watches are a great example.

WRISTPORN: What inspired you to start a watch company?

As collectors, I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself, “This watch would be perfect, if not for …”. So I went ahead and made my perfect watch, hoping others would have the same taste as I do 🙂

WRISTPORN: How do you design and produce the watches? 

Its a pretty long process starting out with computer renders to get everything perfect before moving on to prototyping. Once everything is finalized the moulds are produced by the factory and full production begins.

WRISTPORN: What kind of materials are you using?

I’m starting out a marine grade bronze or CuSn8 which is known for its lovely patina. I hope to expand to other unique materials as well such as ceramics or novel uses of sapphire.

WRISTPORN: Who is your target audience?

Collectors and watch lovers like myself. Even those who have pieces ranging in the tens of thousands could use a daily beater!

WRISTPORN: What Are your plans if you get funded? And where do you want to take the company?

I have more designs in the works which aims to set Zelos apart from the other microbrands. I do hope to offer affordable complications using base movements in the future!

The specs:

Miyota 9015

Front/back sapphire crystals

Cusn8 bronze and 316L SS

43mm diameter

Internal Divers bezel

100M WR

Signed crown, buckle and rotor

*DLC bezel for certain models

*Hopefully a PVD rose gold rotor

Prices start at 380CAD or 340USD.

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