We live in a time where watches became a device synonymous with physical activity. Many watches are designed for physical activities, but there’s never been a time than the current where it’s been more prominent. It’s become more than an accessory and a device that tells time while you’re working out.

A sports watch has become like a partner of sporty people. It logs and tracks every key detail about each activity you do and provides you with data that help in your progress. Hence, sports watches became an integral part of having an active lifestyle.

There are numerous options in the watch market for the runner, cyclist, swimmer, or gym rat in you. Of course, it’s only natural that you’d want the best one that fits your activities and objectives. Here are the best sports watches to buy this year.

The Best Sports Watches To Buy In 2021
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Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

If you’re a serious runner, then this watch is your soulmate. The Forerunner 245 Music provides you with everything you need for your regular runs and a little more for an affordable price. It’s as if Garmin created this watch to say it doesn’t have to cost much for you to stay fit.

You can link your Spotify Premium account on the watch so you can listen to your playlists during long runs and update them wirelessly. It also has in-depth tracking features and can guide you through individual workouts or an entire workout plan through the Garmin Connect app. You’ll find marathon workout plans tailored for marathons that you can sync to the Forerunner 245 music in the app.

Since it’s optimized for runners, it also has long battery life that lasts up to six hours if you’re using the GPS and playing music simultaneously. It also has a full-color transflective display that will help you see its face clearly even during bright morning runs.

Withings Steel HR

This watch is for those who don’t prefer the look of sports watches. The Steel HR is also an example of how fascinating watch technology is, as it’s an analog/digital watch with sports watch features. That’s something that couldn’t be possible in the past, but now it’s here to cater to people who want to stay fit with a lowkey sense of style.

It’s an alternative to other high-quality sports watches like the ones on the Seiko PH boutique. It has a sub-dial and a small OLED display that automatically tracks physical activities and even your sleep. It’s not going to give any statistics about your workouts but, it does the job that a sports/fitness watch needs to do. It’s not fancy, but it’s effective.

Polar Ignite

Polar’s Ignite sports watch is one of the best out there in 2021 in terms of value. It’s cheaper than the Forerunner 245 Music, which is considerably inexpensive for a sports watch of its caliber. You can get more than you asked for with this smart sports watch, especially when you undergo rigorous training.

Ignite suggests workouts that fit your training regime every day, including cardio, strength, stretching, and core sessions. Ignite will guide you through each workout that you choose and what zone your heart rate should be in while working out. It also has a handy feature in which it gauges your recovery rate based on the quality of your sleep and heart rate variability overnight.

Using the data gathered from those two factors, it will suggest the best workout for you during that day. Ignite also has sensors you can use for triathlons and open water swimming.

Wrapping up

These are the best sports watches this year that you should consider when looking for one. You won’t have to spend much on them, and you get the sports companion you want. Get your preferred sports watch and break a sweat with it.

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