Created to appeal to lovers of luxury and modern timepieces alike, the Formex Essence watch is a versatile watch ready to go anywhere you go. The watch is large enough to be read without being gaudy and small enough to be worn with both suits and t-shirts. Hailing from Switzerland, Formex is manufacturing the most versatile timepiece that any collector would be honored to own.

Formex Essence Automatic Chronometer black

The Formex Essence watch is a modest-sized timepiece that measures only 43 millimeters in size. Its case is made from both stainless steel and titanium, materials that reinforce the durability of the watch while also giving it a handsome appeal. Both the case and the bezel have been mirror polished by hand, which provides a nice offset to the unique dial. This dial has a vertically brushed look that is offset using the CNC machined horizontal lines, each working with one another to give the Formex Essence watch an unmatched appeal. Covering the dial of the timepiece is a sapphire crystal dome that stops any impact damages such as scratching from occurring.

Formex Essence Automatic Chronometer blue

Each Formex Essence watch features a unique suspension mechanism that makes the watch just as comfortable to wear as it is stunning to look at. Using this mechanism, the watch is able to absorb any shock that hits it. Combine that with its ultra-lightweight design and you are left with a watch that will never feel overly heavy against the wrist, offering a light and comfortable feel all day long. This watch is complete with an automatic winding movement that depends on the natural motion and movement from the wearer to generate the energy that keeps the time, providing you with a long-lasting watch that won’t need battery changes. The Formex Essence watch is designed and developed in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and each part of the watch, from the assembly to the finish, is done with the Formex touch for details to ensure superb quality.

You can get your own stunning Formex Essence watch on Kickstarter beginning on September 25th, 2018. On their Kickstarter page, you can make a pledge to the campaign and get one of their watches before anyone else and at an incredibly low price.

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Cool Facts about the Formex Essence

 – Straps & Bracelet: the leather and rubber straps come with a quick release function. The steel bracelet is a custom developed system that works like a quick release, so you can detach the bracelet without any tool. These features mean that you can change the strap on the watch within seconds. Further, the leather and rubber straps use the same carbon fiber folding clasp as the Fomex patented micro-adjustment system. This clasp can also be removed from the strap without any tools and be attached on another Essence leather or rubber strap. This means, buying an additional strap costs so much less for the customer because he doesn’t need to buy it with a clasp.

-Movement: The movement has a COSC certification this a Swiss quality stamp that you in some other luxury watch watches, but always for a way higher price such as the Tudor Black Bay. I dont think we have seen another watch brand offering the COSC certification for such a fait price.

-Production: Formex is a 20-year-old trustworthy company, so when it comes to producing and delivering the Essence on time we have no worries.

fomex movement

Secure the best price possible by making a deposit before the Kickstarter campaign starts by reserving your watch here.

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