Do you remember your first watch, and how did your passion start?
I remember the Swatch watches from the 80’s, they were so cool and noticeable with their funky colors and patterns. I guess that inspiration has carried over when we designed The Garwood line – we wanted it to be noticeable and attention grabbing, just like the Swatch watches, but of course in a much different material.

How did you get started with your own watch company?
We actually made the decision to start the business at a roulette table in Las Vegas. We love watches and had played around with the idea of creating a wood watch for a while, and when we were standing there, gambling, at god knows what time, Michael (co-founder of The Garwood) had a feeling that 35 black would hit next. We both put our money down, placed it all on 35 black and guess what, 35 Black was the winner! A total “Vegas-moment” that we decided to see as a sign – and the next day we started laying the foundation for The Garwood business. The first style we designed was created using light American maple wood and a black carbon-fiber design face. We of course had to name it the “35 Black” to honor that lucky spin at the roulette table – still today it is one of our best selling styles.

What kind of wood are you using for the watches?
We use American maple wood for the light wood watches and Indonesian sandalwood for the dark wood styles. And we just launched 2 brand new styles made from Congolese zebrawood. They are spectacular and the perfect addition to our attention grabbing collection.

Wood is not your everyday material for making watches, how is it working with it in watchmaking?
Like many other places wood is a popular material. I think there’s a huge trend of “going back to basics”, and wood is as basic and natural as it gets. We receive amazing feedback, people love the lightness of the watches, they like to feel a piece of nature on their wrist and they like the positive comments they receive wherever they go with it. It really is overwhelming how excited people get when they notice you are wearing a wood watch.

In your eyes, what makes a good watch and is important for you guys?
A watch is an accessory in my mind. Of course it will tell you time, but there’s a lot of devices that can tell time these days, so it’s more than that – it’s a statement piece, it says something about the person wearing it. Are you conservative? Are you edgy? Are you brave…? Our customers typically have a more expensive classic watch in their collection and then a Garwood watch or two to mix things up. I believe a watch can fulfill a look and that’s what’s important.

Where do you take your inspiration from?
From nature and from traveling. The Garwood team has been around the world a few times and every watch we design has some geographical reference. We have the Angeleno which is a tribute to Los Angeles where The Garwood watches are designed. We have the Great Dane which is a tribute to my Scandinavian roots. Kuta is a tribute to our favorite party town in Bali and the new zebrawood styles Wakati and Bukavu are inspired from travels to Africa. When you purchase a Garwood watch you join us on our travels and we are part of each others journey. We created #ShowUsYourGarwood to illustrate this, where people are tagging themselves wearing their Garwood watch from all over the world.

Where can we buy your watch and what’s the price range?
We sell mainly online at – prices start at $99 and we offer free shipping to a long list of countries including the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, Denmark and many more.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?
We will continue to put out new interesting styles and grow our business. We have had a spectacular start since our inception in 2013 and we have sold thousands of watches worldwide to date. We wish to maintain that momentum and offer fun, cool, attention grabbing watches to our fans and followers all over the world.

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