Based in Stockholm, Sweden, The Watch Stand is an inventive and creative company with an ambition not to add to your watch collection, but to help you display it instead. The company knows what it takes to make a timepiece stylish and takes care to create storage accessories that are every bit as beautiful. Using fine European materials and plenty of passion and skill, The Watch Stand is known to make artisan watch rolls, watch stands, and other accessories ready to display your favorite pieces and keep them within easy reach at the same time. Their line of accessories features timeless, stunning designs with elements that make their accessories ones that transcend the passage of time. 

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Many people choose to simply store their watches in watch boxes and watch winders for long periods of time, but these are not exactly ideal for those who frequently change out the watches they wear. Watch boxes require you to take many steps to access your watches in a way that The Watch Stand aims to eliminate; they believe that having to go through all of these steps—such as finding the box, opening it, taking out the cushion, removing the watch, securing it to your wrist and then putting everything away—just to get to your watch means that you are less likely to store your watch in a proper way. This means that your timepiece is susceptible to damage like scratches, nicks, dents and other issues that can dim the shine and detract from its overall appearance. 

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It was a drive to put as much passion into the care of their timepieces as they do their prized collections that drove these gentlemen to centre their company around ways to properly store timepieces, helping themselves and their customers to preserve them for longer. The result is The Watch Stand: an elegant, convenient and luxurious spot for you to properly store and display not only your watches but also your favourite bracelets and other jewelry pieces. In 2018, Soran, the founder of The Watch Stand, felt like the search for quality storage accessories for his timepieces was falling short, and so after creating a few sketches of the designs he’d prefer to see, he teamed up with a friend, Jens, to work together to fulfill the need that the current market was lacking. 

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Today, The Watch Stand is carving a space for itself as the premier watch storage brand. The idea of the company was a simple but necessary one whose values still hold up today: create gorgeous watch stands that can be easily stored on any desk, table, or nightstand in a way that is just as beautiful to behold as it is convenient to use. Because the production of the stands takes place in Europe, the quality is every bit as exceptional as the designs themselves. With materials that are held to the same high standards as the finest timepieces, storage accessories from The Watch Stand make a handsome addition to the collection of any watch enthusiast.

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