Please introduce yourself 
Our names are Craig Moore & Samuel Gardiner, we are the co-founders of We are based in the New York and Boston area.

Please tell us about your offering
We sell vintage timepieces in the sub 1500 or so dollar range, and we try to find special and unique pieces that you don’t normally see day-to-day.

How did you get into vintage watches? 
I’ve always had some interest in watches, quartz or mechanical but I was first introduced to the world of vintage by my sister’s boyfriend, Craig. He showed me some of the watches he had purchased and that is when I was hooked. Craig’s interest began when he received a watch for graduation.

What do you have in your personal collection?
Samuel: Right now it’s looking pretty sparse but what I really like to wear is the Bulova tropical diver chronograph that can be seen on the site right now. I also like wearing the rose gold plated caliber 552 seamaster that is also on the site. One of my current grail watches that I am saving up for is a speedmaster caliber 321 or a Datejust like the one Christian owns from Theo and Harris. Craig: I have a few pieces that I keep for myself that I meant to buy for the website but just can’t let them go. First an Omega 30T2 from 1942 with the most incredible copper tone patina I have ever seen, a Waltham chronograph with an all stainless steel jumbo case and my most recent purchase a Wittnauer chronograph I bought from My grail watch actually isn’t vintage like 99% of my collection. It is the well known F.P. Journe Chronometre Bleu. Some day I hope to purchase that but at the moment I really have my eyes on a Nomos Orion.

What is your favorite brand/watch and why? 
Samuel: My favorite brand is probably Rolex, mainly the vintage pieces of course, such as the tropical dial explorer or a James Bond Submariner. Craig: My favorite brands have to be Omega and Universal Geneva, on the vintage side they made the most desirable pieces in my opinion. What stands out to me about them, as Ben Clymer once said they “Have a reason for every advancement in watches”. Omega and UG really speak to me about this more so then any others. On the modern day side I am a fan of Nomos.

What is critical for beginners to think about when buying vintage watches? 
One of the most important things for beginners in the vintage world is that finding a quality watch does not require spending a lot of money. Another is being patient. They should look for these details: original parts and never been repainted or polished. What we both agree on what is most important for beginners is buying what you like. Not caring about what others think because in the end it is on your wrist after all.  

Which type of watches should be in every collection?
It really all comes down to your personal preference. It is tough to have one type of watch that everyone can enjoy. Our style is more sport chronographs and military driven.

What characterizes good investments when it comes to vintage watches?
There’s obviously many factors that come with buying vintage watches but the two most important things that we find essential are: do you absolutely love that watch, and do you think you will like it down the road as your collection evolves. When I buy watches I don’t usually care about their re-sell value in 10 years but will I still want to wear it in 10 years? On the other side the advantage about buying vintage is that most do increase in value. Right now late 1960’s and 1970’s sports chronographs are exploding in popularity and price, like Heuer, Omega, Le Jour and some other lesser known brands.

How can we find and buy your vintage watches?
It’s actually quite easy! You can just head on over to and check out our large collection of vintage watches. We scour flea markets, antique shops and online for pieces that we find visually attractive.

Omega Seamaster
Helbros Venus 170 Chronograph

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