UNDONE watches is a company that helped revolutionize the world of watches by bringing a comprehensive watch customizer to the market for the common watch collector. This year, the company is going to experience its five-year anniversary in the month of November. During its comparatively short but achievement-rich, successful five years, UNDONE watches has done much to offer its customers the chance to own affordable, premium quality and custom made timepieces that they can be proud to own. The work has been tireless and continuous, and the five-year milestone that is upcoming is the perfect time to celebrate these watches for the revolutionary products that they are. The team at UNDONE watches has worked hard to keep reinventing and revamping the brand that continues to grow and expand as time goes on. They worked tirelessly to prepare the perfect five-year anniversary celebrations to deliver even better timepieces than ever before by paying close attention to all of the feedback given by the customers and supporters during the five years they have been in business. This gives customers the peace of mind they need to know that the watches they are going to be offered going forward are going to have all of the beauty and customizable features they have grown to love with so much more building upon it.

In the collection being released for the fifth anniversary of UNDONE watches, users will find that the watches are more refined and striking with crisp lines and fresh, new colors to choose from. Even the customizer has been stripped down to its bare essentials and then rebuilt from the bottom up to improve upon its visual appeal and speed, all the while keeping the user experience fresh in mind. In order to get the celebrations started off right, the Basecamp Classic collection will get an update in the form of the graduated bezel that it includes, a feature that has been heavily anticipated and is sure to be appreciated and well-loved with its many colors including blue, green and black. There is even a blue gradient dial to appeal to lovers of traditional styles. The Basecamp 2.0 also has a stronger glass window that is fashioned out of K1 glass to not only improve upon its durability but also to offer a sleeker look. The depth rating is increased to 100 meters and the 316L stainless steel case is finished off with strong Lexan Polycarbonate crystal and set upon a range of unique straps.

UNDONE 100m Upgrade-min

Finally, the UNDONE website is getting a makeover as well, one that not only is more visually appealing but will be more user-friendly and easier to navigate. This provides a more enjoyable experience with UNDONE watches from the browsing process to actually buying the watch and owning it, making the entire experience ideal for those who have supported the watch brand for its entire five years and those just being introduced to the brand.

UNDONE K1 Blue Graduated Bezel & Blue Gradient Dial Upgrade-min

The anniversary celebrations are set to take place well before the birthday, and these watches will be available starting on September 23rd, 2019. The watches will be available on their website, and in the meantime, another watch collection is being crafted, keeping the surprises coming and giving consistent reminders to the UNDONE watch supporters of what they love about their timepieces all the while.

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