This is my first mechanical watch.  It is a vintage Omega Seamaster from the 1950’s.  It came from an antique shop.  It was love at first sight!  Unfortunately when I found it, it was on the wrist of someone.  I had to coerce him to sell it to me (you can imagine the energy of the series of conversations between us)!  Eventually I got the deal!  It has been more than ten years since I had the privilege of its ownership.  I changed the strap several times.  For a while i placed a red leather strap and loaned it to my wife.  Not for long she returned it amidst all the nagging and cautions everytime she wore it!  Finally with a Nato strap, it is back on my wrist.  The rest of the tale is history…. this watch rolled over to another watch, and to another.  As the cliche goes, “first love nerver dies”! 

Story and Photo Credit Dr. Plasticus

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