Wolf 1834 is a market-leading company that focuses on creating high-quality watch accessories. Boating five generations of craftsmen within the family, the company uses timeless, traditional techniques passed down from their long history of experience. Over 184 years, Wolf 1834 has never failed to stop improving on the different products they bring to the market, most notably, their watch winders and watch boxes, embodying elegance and functionality in everything they create.

The Wolf 1834 watch winders are high precision tools that are able to accurately count each and every turn that is complete. They work with any sort of automatic watch, no matter if it is vintage or new. They have unique, patented technology involved in their turn counting mechanisms as well as their rotation programming, ensuring a precise and perfect wind, each and every time you insert your timepiece.

The Wolf 1834 watch boxes are every bit as elegant, giving customers a beautiful storage solution for their valued timepieces that not only protect them from damage but display them in a beautiful manner, ready for you to look through to choose your watches. They come in a variety of different colors, styles and storage capacities to ensure that there is a case for everyone, no matter the size or style of your watch collection.

Both the Wolf 1834 watch boxes and watch winders are available on their website. The boxes range in price from $45 to $325, while their watch winders range from $229 to $31,999 depending on the model.

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