Having been witness to the constant rise and decline of the Swiss watch industry, two Swiss natives, Kormann and Zahnd, decided to take things into their own hands and shake up the way that Swiss timepieces are manufactured and sold altogether. Zahnd & Kormann watches were born, both of their collections geared toward lovers of contemporary Swiss watches who are fed up with the price hikes and oversaturation of the market with too many of the same timepieces.

Zahnd & Kormann caseback

The Zahnd & Kormann No.2 watch collection in particular is diverse on its own, giving customers the choice between getting these handsome watches as either a dive watch or a GMT watch. Both watch styles are available in the same colors, giving you options between white, red, green, black, blue or black and yellow. Even with their distinctions, both of these watches are also built to the highest quality standards, with their bodies being fashioned out of high-quality titanium and stainless steel. Protecting the dials are sapphire crystal lenses that are resistant to scratches and corrosion. Both styles have also been tested to withstand water pressure as deep as 600 meters.

Zahnd & Kormann automatic

Launching now, the Zahnd & Kormann No.2 watch crowdsourcing campaign is available on Kickstarter. The Diver Super Early Bird is available for just 397€, and the GMT is available for just 485€. But be fast, the super early deals are going.

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