Founded in 2006, Zeitwinkel entered the market with the goal of creating their own way of manufacturing and selling luxury timepieces instead of mass producing them. Each watch is crafted with sustainability in mind, straying away from exotic materials such as alligator leathers to use only fairminded precious metals, doing their best to leave a minimum footprint behind on the environment. Each one of their watches is made by hand, ensuring the quality level that only traditional watchmaking methods offer that robots simply cannot.

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Each Zeitwinkel watch is made using an automatic in-house ZW0103 movement that has a bidirectional winding movement that is remarkably accurate. Covering the dial of the watch as it ticks away the seconds is a transparent sapphire crystal, not only protecting the dial from damage but also offering the watch a unique shadow and light feature for you to enjoy. The plates and the bridges of the watches are made from German Silver, a metal that is stronger than standard brass that delivers it a cleaner, warmer appearance. This metal presents a unique opportunity for one-of-a-kind decoration, thanks to the quality of the metal itself. Each watch is genuine Swiss-made and is manufactured using local partnerships in order to promote local businesses near the company.

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The Zeitwinkel watches can currently be found on their website to be purchased right from the watchmakers themselves. Zeitwinkel’s flagship model is the “273° Saphir fumé it is available at the price of 14,500 Swiss Francs, including tax.

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Zeitwinkel explained in 45 seconds from Zeitwinkel AG on Vimeo.